Thursday, March 31, 2011

I started Stephen on this new inhaler to control asthma attacks today. I don't like it. I think we are doing too much medication. Maybe, my husband is rubbing off on me. I just get the impression that my son won't tell the truth about his coughs. Like they ask to cough anything up? He says no. But to me they sound like a wet cough and not a dry cough. Does that make sense? I hate speaking up telling the Doc that I think my son isn't being truthful. How do we treat an illness if he isn't giving us accurate information.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My son was seen a couple weeks ago because he was really sick. His oxygen level was 91.He was given some medication similar to what got him out of it in late January. Also, given an antibiotic for ear infections.
He went yesterday for a check up and because I reported that he still coughs every day and most nights they are starting him on a inhaler for preventing attacks.
My husband thinks that we are making too big of a deal of the coughs. I agree to a point but it seems like those little coughs grow into big coughs.
We finally got our referral to a specialist for allergies. However, it's not until May 4TH. We have to take him off allergy medication 3 days prior to the visit.

It appears that he is down a few lbs but it's a different scale because we are seeing a doc in another part of the clinic. I can't wait for it to warm up some more. It will be so much nicer to be able to spend time outside again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My son coughed through out the night and this afternoon he is going to see a Doc. It's not the normal one because he was booked. I think children listen to what others say too much, because he told me that when the dog comes near him he coughs. That isn't true. We don't allow dogs in his bedroom and he coughed all night. We been trying to keep the dogs out more and he still coughs. I am not saying that it still couldn't be the dogs, but he isn't coughing the only time he around the dogs. If you tell my son something he will believe it. If you tell him that he doesn't get dinner tonight he will get really mad even though he has never been deprived of dinner. I don't know why my husband finds telling him that to be funny.
If you tell him as soon as you get home I want you to jump in the shower so you can get ready for bed. He will tell you that he will not jump in the shower with his clothes on.
I just wish he would get better.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My son coughing and running nose has returned and it's sounding worse. He says he doesn't cough at school but honestly I don't believe him. It seems as if he can't go 30 minutes without coughing but can go six hours at school without coughing. Maybe, it's denial because I don't want it to be an reaction to our pets but something just doesn't sit right with me.
I say this because I have taken my son other places and he still coughs. It doesn't just go away when he is out of the house. I know this doesn't mean that the animals can't be the cause but I don't get why he isn't honest. Is it because he doesn't want medication for it. We haven't done the inhaler because he says he isn't short of breath and the Doc says only use it for shortness of breath.

I wish we would hear from the Doc about where to go for the Doc for allergy test. I have been hearing a lot about allergra lately. Has anyone ever used that? I would have to pay out of pocket because our insurance isn't going to pay for something that is over the counter. However, I would pay for it if it was better than what he is taking now.

My husband seems to be like my son and doesn't want to give any medications either. He says the nasal spray isn't needed if his nose isn't stuffy. I can see his point but when we were using the nasal spray morning and night and the allergy pill he was at his best.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We skipped out on eating healthy for two days because of my son's birthday and my husband's birthday. So, back to eating right.
Also, my son hasn't been coughing so much lately. I imagine it could be because it's starting to warm up where we live and my son has been able to play outside.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My son weighed in at 134 lbs. So, he didn't gain or lose and I am okay with that. I would have rather it been down a lb or two but that's okay.

He coughs every day and most nights but it's not a lot.

The doc suggested we start eliminating our pets. It seemed like he didn't want to do an allergy test after all. I made it clear that we will not give our pets away without answers. We just won't play guessing games with the lives of our animals. I got the speech that if something was making his son sick then the dog would have to go. So, when I asked him if he would remove the dog without proof he said no. He suggested someone babysit them for a week. Anyone want to babysit 3 bunnies and 3 dogs?

He did say that he will give us a referral to an allergy doc so that makes me happy. I hope it's not the dogs. Plus, spring will get here soon and most likely he will get better.

We had the ducts cleaned and hopefully that helps too.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tomorrow, we get the ducts cleaned. I am hoping that it makes our house less dusty and the coughing go away. Stephen still coughs but it's not severe.

He goes to the doc tomorrow and I am hoping that he has at least lost a pound or two. He is a growing boy so I don't expect for him to not ever gain again. I am not sure what will happen. I paid a few dollars on his lunch account so he could get extra pizza. I just wasn't aware that he could pay to get extra on all his meals at school. I am pretty sure that they will do a blood test to test for allergies. I am prepared and accepted that we may have to find homes for our three bunnies.

Please, don't let it be the dogs. I can't give another pet away. I have tried to say if I gave one or two away which one would I pick? First, I say Shadow.. he is old, has one eye and his boring. Then, I feel bad. We have had him for years. It would be so wrong to give him away at this point. Then, I say charlie. He is a adorable shitzu and loves to cuddle. We are his third home. I would feel so rotten. Then, there is Ann. She is a lab and my girl. I couldn't give her away. Is Stephen living in a tent acceptable? Just kidding! I think the one dog that I could part with would be Charlie but noooooooo!!! Please don't let it be the dogs!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pet hair

We had been suspecting that our duct work was filled with pet hair. Our house is super dusty. When we removed the vents to fit our new flooring for our living room in I found a huge amount of hair.
I had a guy come out and gave me an estimate to clean them out. I felt bad because we don't have the 400 needed for it. I called my brother and asked to borrow it from him and he said yes.

It wasn't easy to ask for money because I haven't had to ask anyone for money in years. But I been really sick and I feel like this maybe the cause of our problems. Next Monday, it will get done.

Yea!! I am so happy. I hope it makes a difference.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We haven't been staying very healthy.

My grand daughter was sick.

I got sick and missed two days of work.

Stephen is back to his coughing and sometimes a stuffy nose.

He finally gets to see his Doc a week from today.

The food package that I bought from the church is working out. It's saved us some trips to the store and I think relieved my husband of always buying the food out of his tip money. We are eating veggies on most night and actually cooking less meat. So, if my son wants to eat more he is reaching for more veggies. I will most likely do this again. The menu varies and I will probably trust them with some of the produce next time.