Sunday, July 17, 2011

I haven't posted in a while. My son had a check up because he was long overdue for this well child check up. Mostly, because he needed to be well to get it done. He got his shots and is all set for middle school. The doc is still concerned about weight and when we addressed what we should do about the constant wanting to eat. He said let him eat carrots until he turns orange. We will see if this work because he actually does like carrots. He is at 140 lbs now.

He had to have a blood sugar fasting test to check for diabetes. So, hopefully that will come back okay.

My son has been going to summer school which is doing gym and something called Y fitness. So, he seems to be getting more activity lately.

The Doc was happy with his health when it comes to the allergies and asthma. He is doing pretty good when it comes to the symptoms.