Monday, May 21, 2012

I was at the YMCA and I ran into my son's doctor. It was cute cause here comes this man coming down the stairs and I am getting ready to up them and I spot a guy with a while tore sideways down his crotch. We look at each other and it clicked on who we were. This is probably easier for him cause he seen me the way I am always am and I seen him with the doc coat and a whole in his pants. HAHA my husband wanted to know why I was looking at his mid section. Anyways, he asked what was new and not sure if he wanted me to just say everything good and move on but I used this chance to brag about me bringing my son to the Y and how he was diagonosed as having ADD and how I thought his inhalor makes his hungry. It was easier to talk to him since he seemed so much more real. He seemed willing to discuss taking him off the medication and said bring him to see me. We actually have an appointment coming up next month. For the record.. I didnt have my son because he was with his Dad.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have been trying to find the right balance in getting myself to the Y alone and bringing my son. Sometimes, I bring him but I don't watch him do whatever he is doing. As of right now, I don't want him doing any cardio or strength training unless I can be in the room because they are allowing him to be there before he is of the age that they say they must be. Tonight, I devoted my time to him but I didn't hover. I did ten minutes on the stair stepper and I seen that he was on the elliptical. He didn't last the ten minutes on there but he moved over to a bike and did about 20 minutes. We then did some strength training which I really dislike being in that room with mostly men. I weighed him. I hope that doing it about monthly or maybe even bi weekly doesn't make him feel bad. He weighed 150 lbs which is one pound more than the doctor's scale a month ago. I think overall that is pretty good. He is still a growing boy so I suppose we are going to see gains.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I haven't wrote in here for almost a week. We had a little bit of a rough week with two appointments to the place that is doing the assessments for my son. We missed out on the Y because of this. We did go yesterday and I took both of my sons. We go at peak hours and it makes it hard to find two or three of the same machines together and basically I wasn't with my son while he did his exercise. I suppose I could just stand around and do nothing while he works out but I don't think I have the courage to just stand there. My son jumps machines and both of my boys headed down to do strength training machines while I finished my workout. I did Zumba again. It's the 3rd time and it's still hard to keep up. I have to modify some moves cause I can't jump well and when they do cross the legs thing real fast I think I would mess up and fall. Speaking of falling. I have fell twice this week. Once, in my kitchen and once I tripped over my clients walker. This morning we learned that Stephen spent his allowance on gatorade for himself, pop for his brother and ice cream for himself. This kind of not what I expect out of our Y visit. Well, I better get to bed. I woke up with a head cold during the night. I don't think I drank enough water after Zumab.