Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My son has been free of major meltdowns for about a month. It's such a huge change that I find myself wondering when the ball is going to drop and go back to the fits of rage. My husband and I were watching prison shows on netflix and they showed a guy with mental conditions going nuts and it made me sad cause it reminded me of my son's fits of rage. I feel so bad for people with mental illnesses. They get so caught up with drugs and jail. My son is still eating quite a bit and sometimes the lunches he decribes from school make me a little jealous. They sound so tasty. We slowed down a little bit on him coming with me to the Y but today he came and we signed up to have Breakfast with Santa. I was a little embarrased when she asked me who I was bringing and mentioned my granddaughter. When we got home it was my son's bedtime and he was upset because his day involved shower, breakfast, school, homework, the Y, medication and brushing teeth and bedtime. He was mad cause he never got to sit and watch tv in his chair. I explained to him that had he not been with me at the Y we wouldn't have signed up for breakfast with Santa so sometimes you just have to give a little to get a little. I weighed my son while we were there and he is the same. He hasn't gained any weight in at least nine months I believe. I hope my dieting isn't depriving him of food. I really don't think so because during the week the only meal we eat the same thing is dinner. I haven't been taking him to counseling and made an appointment for the week of Christmas. I figure I shouldn't just wash my hand of the couseling for the moment. He is struggling in school a little bit. I think a lot of it is for failure to turn school work in even though he finished it. When my husband gets on him about turning stuff in or working on some homework he tells us he has something more important to do for school. I wish I knew what the more important statement realy means to him. All and all He is doing pretty well.