Sunday, January 6, 2013

This vacation from school has been rough on my son. We have seen some outbursts that we haven't seen in a while. He gets obsessed with the tv and I admit we didn't set any rules on it and that is our fault. I know we need to come up with something for summer time. Right now he seems to have a cold plus an upset tummy. I hope he is feeling better for tomrrow. We need things to go back to normal around here. It doesn't help that his father and stepmother haven't been around. She is suppose to get him even if Dad isn't home. Last time it was her turn I didn't send the text the day before to see if everthing is going as planned. On Friday evening I wrote her and asked if she had planned on getting him. She wrote back and said sorry she forgot it was Friday and has been sick in the bed. She offered to get him the next day but I suggested not to and if she was better in the week to call and she could get him for a night or two. We have heard nothing. He wanted to go to Grandma's and I called and asked and she said she is sick. I said the same thing if your feeling better and would like to have him to call. No call back from her either.