Monday, January 31, 2011

I decided to make a third blog to document the new challenges that I must face for my family. I have always known that something seemed to be off about my youngest child. He spends all winter with stuffy noses, coughs and the list just goes on. It's never severe enough to slow him down but it made him not sleep very well.

I took him to a new doctor and he believes that he may have asthma. We have to get a chest xray done and continue from there. I really don't know what to think. I have never seen anything that reminds me of a full blown asthma attack.

The doc gave us some orders. We are to use the rescue inhaler when he has an attack and continue to use the nasal spray until it runs out and to discontinue the allergy pill that the clinic gave him a month before.

My husband is to take his smoking outside. Oh is that going to be a challenge. I hear all kinds of talk about how people just choose to attack smoking and there is lots out there that is worse.

I have been told to stay on top of brushing our dogs hair or give them away. I can't see giving them away so this is something that I just have to go.

My son is a big eater and the doc said that he needs to lose weight and that his breathing problems could be a result of his weight.

He wants my son to get very little juice a day. He is to drink water. He said for him to eat 5 fruits and 5 veggies a day. Also, to lay off the chicken. He said that because my son said I love chicken and I can tear it up. lol I kind of wonder can we afford to do that, but then again how can we not?

Tonight, we had pasta. Does the sauce and mushrooms count? We had to tell my son no to the that piece of bread.

We are going to extend his bedtime routine for an hour later on some nights so he can come to the YMCA when the weather is okay. I hear we are getting a major snow storm.

My son goes back to the doc in two weeks and I am hoping we see an improvement in his weight. I am going to try to to focus on my weight loss too. It's been kind of at a stand still lately.