Friday, October 31, 2014

Little check up.

My son had to get a vacine today so I asked for him to be weighed. He is 5'9 and 176 pounds. That puts him in the overweight catorgory on the bmi.. I see on my last post I weighted him on my scale and it was higher. So he either lost a couple pounds or my scale is off. but then again.. I don't remember what time. From august when he got his 9th grade check up he has gained 1.5 pounds. I am okay with that. He seems to be having a better understanding about limiting your treats and deciding what you really want.. Yesterday, I had hid a cookie in the dishwasher and left him a note that I hid a cookie and he had to find it.. Unloading the dishwasher is his job. So later in the evening, he texted me can he have an ice cream bar. I said no cause you already had the cookie. So he asked if he could have the ice cream tomorrow. So today, he says he wants to push his ice cream bar to the next day so he can have Halloween candy!! So we may still have melt downs about food. We are making progress. We are being seen at a new clinic. My son's doctor was booked when we neeeded the physical asap for school and this new doctor that is a school based clinic seems to be better for him. He doesn't scream over the shots with her. So I asked if we could come there for all our needs. She increased one of his ashthma medications due to weight. He doesn't go back until Feb for the last vacine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How heavy is the book bag

We kind of tricked my son into weighing himself! I have been getting comments that he looks slimmer. He has been carrying around a super heavy bookbag and to had him weigh with it and without it.. the bag weighs over 20 pounds! Well, anyways, before school started in late August he was 175 lbs. Now he is 178 pounds. That is 3 pound gain in about a month. I am so unsure if that is a good thing or bad. He is getting taller.. I can't say if he has gotten taller in a month ect.. He finally has a PE class but otherwise isn't getting much physical activity in. I do make him come on some walks in homework allows it. Next month, he goes back to the doctor for a vacine so we will see what is then.. Also, is weighing in once a month ( say that cause its been a month) a really good way to track if he has lost or gained? Do boys get the added water weight? ect. I cook breakfast for him Monday thru Friday! I don't count his calories but aim for at least 500 calories. He has a late lunch. We are not in control of what he eats for lunch. Dinner is usually pretty healthy. We don't count that either but sometimes I have a rough idea because I am counting mine and I don't cook seperate meals. We do allow some treats but not a lot. Sometimes, though, I do think we could do better with this. I do notice my habits are better if he is around. I won't over do it on sweets if he is around to see it.. but if he isn't home and I hang out around a big selection of sweets it could be bad. Well, anyways, just wanted to do a quick update on his weight.. even though I am not sure if that is a good thing. Like I said. People have made comments about how he is looking good.

Friday, August 15, 2014


It's been way too long since I updated about my son Stephen.. We no longer do counseling for him. We didn't feel it did any good and caused other issues in our life that were counter productive in our goals as a family.. Health and fitness being one of them. The school year took up so much time and spending another two hours on our butts made it harder to lead an healthy life style. The physical stats of my son right now from his 9th grade physical is that he is 5'7 and 175lbs. We can't get any doctors to come out and say he is overweight but from all our reading he is overweight. He is the same height as my husband who weighs 140 pounds and I am slightly taller and right now weighing in at 174 lbs. It's so odd to have our weight so close together. Mom's are suppose to weigh more than our kids and since he is growing up we are in that stage where we are pretty much the same.. I told him when we go to our favorite water park next summer when it says heaviest in the back that is most likely going to be him cause I imagine he will grow a bunch this year. Stephen's allergies right now are being controlled with one over the counter allergy medication. one prescription based nasal spray and a chewable ashtma/allergy pill. I wanted to talk to his doctor about his medications but we had a hard time getting in for a physical so we went to a school based health clinic for his physical. Stephen got a couple vacines and for the first time didn't cry and throw a fit at the office. There was some melt downs at home and I admit part of that was cause my husband likes to make a joke out of stuff and he doesn't like jokes and getting shots ruins his whole day and people shouldn't laugh at him.
My son's eating habits still need improving. I think we have came a long way and sometimes he says things that surprise me because he is saying I had a little of this cause I want this later.. ect... and that is how quite often I plan my meals. He is always wondering what the next meal is and what we ate ect. I try to cook for Stephen how I eat and keep his meals smaller but then I do wonder am I feeding him too little? And that's why he gets all weird like I am going to die if you don't give me food. During the school year, I cooked him breakfast most mornings. That was harder to do during the summer. I think summer time was slightly easier to keep his eating in check because he is with us more compared to being away and making his own choices. Stephen's father did get an ymca membership part of the school year and into this summer he would come get Stephen for the YMCA. They mostly goof off in the pool but that's better than nothing. This summer when I would run and Stephen was home with me.. I would have Stephen ride his bike so he did a lot of biking that way. Babysitting has been an issue. So on Wed I drop Stephen off at my husband's job with his bike and they would bike home about 10 miles. I believe Stephen is down about two months from a check on his weight that I did. I don't weigh him often but when I do.. I make it a family thing where we all check our weight. I am not good with recording it but pretty sure he has come down two lbs. The vacine he got will require him to go back two more times so hopefully we will get good weights on him then. Stephen just finished his very last week at camp. So he was a litle sad and teary eyed last night and so was I. It's such a great place and I know he will miss going. i feel so bad for him.
Stephen hung out with kids I am sure because with family nights I was able to see that he was liked but Tyler's favorite place to be was with the camp counselors that he has spent the past 4 summers hanging out with. In about a week and half he will start his first year of high school. Such a huge milestone! I don't know where to begin to get him ready.