Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Friday, I took my son to the doctor as a walk in to get a check up and more medication for the adhd. My son actually lost a couple pounds but since he grew an inch he didn't seem to concerned about it. He did say that it's something to keep an eye on. All the reviews from the teachers seem to say that the medication is working. The Doc did suggest taking him off for a week to see if it's really making a difference. He did say but if we feel that it's working then maybe why mess with things. I asked Stephen what he thought about going off medication for a week and he said no way. For a kid that hates medication to say that then I think we don't try it. On Saturday, he was with his grandma and forgot to take his medication. He came home in a strange mood and was talking up a storm and jumping subjects and I got a little short with him. I asked if he had one too many chocolate bars because he was driving me nuts. He told me he didn't take his medication cause they had to go to church. I asked my son to just go to his room and give me a few minutes. He came out a little bit later and said he took his adhd pill. I felt rotten! I never want my son to think that I don't love him medicated or not. It was too late to really be taking it and I told my son to never take medication on his own. Last week was a bad week for him at the Y. Well, not bad but he didn't really use the time to work out or hang with people. He is really focused on using the computer and it irrates me that they have them there. I didn't take him yesterday tot he Y and tomorrow I am going to The Rock to do aqua zumba so I won't be taking him with me. I am exicited to try aqua zumba and the fact that they have a hot tub. My husband asked why don't I switch memberships and I am not ready to let go of bringing my son with me to the gym. Homework has been going pretty smoothly. We haven't had any major meltdowns in that department. I wonder if the whole go to Dad's weekend is a cause of some of it. Dad is driving a semi truck and new wife has been getting him but she was sick so he stayed home with the exception of spending Saturday night with his Grandma on Dad's side.