Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I really haven't felt like writing much on here. There isn't a whole lot that has changed. My son still wants to eat all the time. The good news is that I don't recall too many of the fits being about food. He just can't stand to think food might get thrown out and feels like it should could ate. Today, I found some nuts and I knew they been in there for a long time. I said, "I wonder if these things expired? Before, I could look my son said can I have some? LOL If someone wonders how old something is... my first thought isn't to eat them. Luckily, there were expired by 4 months and he still didn't want to eat them. About the first half of the summer, we took him to the day camp and sure he got some physical activity there but due to the high temps and the lack of a ride we didn't keep up with taking him there. He goes to the Y with me about once a week and mostly I do zumba and he is suppose to work out. I don't think this is working cause I don't think he really does anything without someone watching. We eat pretty healthy but at times it's hard because one we run out of money to keep the fresh fruits and yogurt on hand and two my husband just doesn't seem to get doing lunch and making it a well balanced meal such as having a sandwich, fruit and yogurt.. compared to two sandwiches. I suppose I could have always packed my sons lunch before I go but then that leaves zero choice to my son. We have two more weeks of summer, then my son goes to another week of sleepaway camp and then school will be starting. I am hoping he gets gym and a school year without so much crazy stress.