Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have been really good getting myself to the Y 2 or 3 times a week and once a week my son comes with me. They have a class but honestly they haven't been keeping their end of the bargain and having the class. It makes me very upset because a deal is a deal. I arrange our day, my night, to make it and then nothing. Last night, I brought my son into the cardio room with me. It was the only way I was going to get to work out and him too. We did a little bit on the video bike but then he got bored and moved to this sit stepper machine and did that for 30 minutes. Then, we moved to a treadmill and we did about 10 or 20 mins or so but we got told that he needs to wear workout clothes and an orientation. I got really upset because what the person talking to us didn't know was that my son is 12 and it says he needs to be 13. I found a manager and really complained about the classes being a hit and miss. I mentioned how he loves them when it's there. I admitted that we got caught on the treadmill and he isn't 13 so I can't do the orientation. He said it was up to me. If I thought he was mature enough to use them then he could with the orientation. So, I will be getting him one but my ideal situation isn't to workout thru Mom mom mom. haha But it will have to do if they don't get the crap together. I received a letter from his Doc and they want to see us to follow up. I feel stupid because I never checked into behavior therapy because I was feeling stressed at balancing a full time job, a full time student and one car family with a weekly appointment. However, I know that I have to go this route because the other route is going with someone who will write a script for drugs. I don't want that and neither does my husband. I called the counseling place and they do walk ins for a mental assesment. So, hopefully, I can get that done before his April 11th doc appointment and dentist on the same day. Wish us luck.