Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's getting chili and the sniffles are coming on. It's not too bad but I hope we are not in for a long winter of sickness for him. I am thinking of having him do his nasal spray in the afternoon too. It says one to two sprays per nostrils so I figure we could increase it.

It seems like he isn't asking for as many snacks as he used to. It's not that he doesn't still ask but it seems to be less. I am sure it helps that school is in session.

Today, we went to the YMCA for swimming and my husband said we should have walked too so maybe next time we will do walking too. I want to try to go there on the Sunday's he is home and not with his Dad's.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My son doesn't have PE this year so I have to try to find other ways for him to get some activity in. Today, went went for a walk to the river and was probably gone for 45 min and then after dinner I wanted to walk to Kmart and he wanted to come with and did. My husband said there and back was probably three miles. So, if we can just work that kind of walking into our days then it will be better for the both of us.