Friday, October 31, 2014

Little check up.

My son had to get a vacine today so I asked for him to be weighed. He is 5'9 and 176 pounds. That puts him in the overweight catorgory on the bmi.. I see on my last post I weighted him on my scale and it was higher. So he either lost a couple pounds or my scale is off. but then again.. I don't remember what time. From august when he got his 9th grade check up he has gained 1.5 pounds. I am okay with that. He seems to be having a better understanding about limiting your treats and deciding what you really want.. Yesterday, I had hid a cookie in the dishwasher and left him a note that I hid a cookie and he had to find it.. Unloading the dishwasher is his job. So later in the evening, he texted me can he have an ice cream bar. I said no cause you already had the cookie. So he asked if he could have the ice cream tomorrow. So today, he says he wants to push his ice cream bar to the next day so he can have Halloween candy!! So we may still have melt downs about food. We are making progress. We are being seen at a new clinic. My son's doctor was booked when we neeeded the physical asap for school and this new doctor that is a school based clinic seems to be better for him. He doesn't scream over the shots with her. So I asked if we could come there for all our needs. She increased one of his ashthma medications due to weight. He doesn't go back until Feb for the last vacine.

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